Orient Star Retro-Future Bicycle Watch

How Do You Collect?

you a collector? Are you a hoarder? Technically if you have more than a couple
of watches, you collect – as all those articles discussing "the perfect
three-watch collection" provide evidence to.

is definitely a brand that lends itself to collectors; the great variety of
models, and the generally affordable range of prices, mean that the typical
watch enthusiast does not need to hold back on adding another item to his watch
box now and then. And that box doesn't have to be particularly fancy, we're not
looking at a high-end watch winder and safe set here! We're keeping it modest.

how do you collect?

follow a theme. I know this guy who has every Seiko diver since 62MAS. From
each family of divers he has one per year. 1965, 1966, 1967… Some of them
really look the same to me, but I appreciate the tenacity. Personally, I could
not spend so much time (and money) on sourcing so many watches that are so
similar. I think there are so many designs, colors, styles, and materials out
there… I need the variety.

tick boxes. They know they need a diver, a dress watch, a beater or tool watch,
perhaps a chronograph or a GMT… they make sure they have one (or more) of each type.
I actually dig this, though it could make one a bit preoccupied with checking a
box, while missing out on other nice watches that could actually fit their
lifestyle better.

methods of collecting then… For me, I have one main rule, which is to diversify
as much as possible. I don't focus on one particular style, colorway, era,
size, and so on. I don't really even focus on the brand; I keep returning to
Orient as I feel I know the brand and its history well, and I prefer to make knowledgeable
purchases. But I do have plenty of watches from other makers, Japanese, Swiss,
and other countries.

of the diversity emerges the versatility of the collection. Even when limiting
myself to just the Orients I have, I can find a match for every occasion. And
every color.

rule I follow, is that watches are meant to be worn. I do not buy safe queens,
and I do not buy a watch if its mechanical or cosmetic condition means I am
unlikely to wear it. This also means I do sometime have to regrettably pass on
interesting opportunity to get vintage models that might be cool, but are
simply too small!

some of the items in my collection are gentler than others. Some I'll only put
on indoors, working in the office, and not on a day out. Some I'd be more
careful with near water. But they all get wrist time.

about you? How do you collect? You're welcome to comment, here, or on the
Facebook/IG post that brought you here J