Orient Star Retro-Future Bicycle Watch

New Orient “Diver Design” Sports Watches With Gradient Dials

This style of watches, which Orient takes great care to emphasize
aren’t truly ISO-compliant dive watches, are among the brand’s most popular
models. Following the success of the likes of Mako, Ray, and recently the
Kamasu, Orient announce some new models that emphasize the dial color.

Indeed, people do tend to love the colorful dials produced
by Orient, which seem to fit these fun, inexpensive watches. Red, green and
blue are always in high demand. With the new models, Orient hopes to deliver
what its customers want – with a little extra in the form of gradient color.

The new watches are technically identical to the Kamasu
– same movement, dimensions, and overall build – but will probably not be
referred to as Kamasu due to the different markers, which in this version
replace the rectangular markers with round ones (except in 3,6, and 9) and
replace the triangle at 12 with a trapezoid.

So, you get the same case measuring 41.8mm across, 46.8mm
lug to lug, and 12.8 thick, with a lug width of 22mm and identical looking
bezel and bracelet. And the familiar caliber F6922 inside. Even the case back features
the same engraved dolphins as the Kamasu – while the front crystal is sapphire.

Four versions of the new model are being introduced:

RN-AA0810N (RA-AA0810N
outside Japan) with a gradient grey dial, and steel bracelet.

RN-AA0811E (RA-AA0811E) with
a gradient teal dial, and steel bracelet.

RN-AA0812L (RA-AA0812L) with
a gradient blue dial, and steel bracelet.

RN-AA0813R (RA-AA0813R) with
a bronze-plated case and bezel, gradient red dial, and brown leather strap. This
model is limited to 2,000 units worldwide, and only 100 in Japan.

The new models are priced at around 400 USD (with the limited
editing slightly more expensive than the rest) – making them about 10% higher
than the “regular” Kamasu.