Orient Star Retro-Future Bicycle Watch

New M-Force and Moon Phase Models from Orient

Orient introduces today a bunch of new watches, providing an interesting
take on existing designs: an "outdoor", or field / military style
version of the M-Force; and Moonphase watches with a Mother-of-Pearl dial.

The Outdoor M-Force

This one is based on the latest iteration of the M-Force
dive watch
. Two primary differences have been made to set this version
apart from its marine counterpart: the divers' bezel has been replaced with a
navigation bezel, and the dial markers have been made thinner (perhaps as to
make for a bit stealthier appearance at night, when one goes about their covert
military mission).

Other than that, the overall construction, general specs and dimensions
are unchanged, including the 200m depth rating and the extra anti-shock
protection which is an M-Force hallmark. This is still 45mm wide (47 counting
the beefy crown guard) and 52mm lug to lug, which, as we discovered on our hands-on
, are in fact perfectly wearable and – for wrists not too scrawny –
even comfortable.

Two models are being introduced at this time:

Reference RN-AC0N01B
features raw stainless steel bezel and crown guard (making for a unique
appearance among previous M-Force versions) with a matching steel bracelet and
a matte black textured dial.

Reference RN-AC0N03E
features black coating on the bezel and crown-guard and a green, military-looking
textured dial. This one comes on a nylon NATO-style strap.

Prices are the same as the dive-oriented versions. Availability is
scheduled for June 3.

The blog's verdict: This is a welcome addition to the M-Force
collection. We already learned to love the base models and are always happy for
a greater diversity of options to choose from.


The Orient Star MOP Dial Moonphase

This release extends the range of Contemporary
Moon Phase models
introduced last year. Interestingly it is this more
modern and technical-looking collection, rather than the classic moon phase collection,
that Orient chose to put the MOP dials on. This, despite Mother-of-Pearl dials being
generally considered romantic and a little bit old-school.

Here too, the base model's overall specs have been preserved. The watch
measures 41mm across, 48.5mm lug to lug, and the main design elements, case
structure and dial layout – including that lovely moon-phase display – are unchanged.

Two models are being introduced at this time:

Reference RK-AY0005A has a
silvery-white MOP dial, and will go into regular production.

Reference RK-AY0006A has an
interesting looking dial which, in the style of MOP, appears to be a mix of
greenish and bluish hues, and will likely have a cool effect in changing
lighting conditions. It will be a limited edition of 700 pieces, considered to be part of Orient Star's 70th anniversary releases, of which 500
are reserved for distribution in Japan.

Prices are about 100 USD higher than the standard versions, which appears
to be a reasonable premium. Availability is scheduled for June 3.

The blog's verdict: The contemporary moon-phase watch is already
an impressive piece, offering a high level of watchmaking. If you like the
basic design and the moon phase complication, and are fond of MOP dials, the
new releases should get you excited.