Orient Star Retro-Future Bicycle Watch

Orient Re-issues The "World Dial" Watch

Sometimes Orient really catches us by surprise and does something
unexpected. Today it does one such thing, announcing the release of four new
versions of its famed 1969
"Map Dial" World Diver

The new World Map is very similar to the original watch. You get the
time, date and day, as well as an inner rotating 24-hour bezel. The crown at
three sets the time, while the crown at four turns the bezel. Four variations
would be available:

Reference RN-AA0E04Y is a faithful
reproduction of the original map dial design in full color, limited to 1200
units (300 in Japan, 900 for export).

References RN-AA0E01S, RN-AA0E02E,
and RN-AA0E03L feature the world map etched on an ivory, green or blue dial,
respectively. The ivory version also features gold plated bezel and crowns.

All references feature a 20mm solid steel bracelet, reminiscent of the vintage
bracelet style. The case measures 43.5mm wide, 46mm long, and 13.9mm thick –
so, slightly larger than the original, but maintaining very similar

The front crystal is mineral, while the case-back is solid. The watch
features a useful water resistance of 20 bar (200 meters). Inside is Orient's
caliber F6922.

The different models are priced around 500 USD, with the colorful and
ivory versions being a little higher than the green and the blue.

The blog's verdict: Orient has definitely pulled an ace here. In
fact, they set a benchmark for other watchmakers on how to do a reissue. The
watch, all versions of it, looks amazing and should sell like hot cakes.