Orient Star Retro-Future Bicycle Watch

So long, 2020!

Exactly one year ago, we were looking forward to 2020. Orient's 70th
year in business was supposed to be fantastic, a time to celebrate this
respectable event marking our favorite brand's anniversary with cool watch
releases, both new designs and reissues.

Well – we know what happened next… 2020 was a bit of a letdown, wasn't
it. But since this blog voices the optimist view of hopeful hobbyists, we'll
keep it positive.


Orient did manage to stick to its release plans, as many other watch
brands have – indeed, it is an industry that sells grown-ups' toys to sentimental
consumers looking to add some joy to their wrists. So, regardless of actual
sales figures (which we're yet to see annual summaries of), this industry kept

Most of Orient's 70th-anniversary
releases were indeed covered in depth on this blog. While most of the new
models we're fine, some were more impressive than others. The blog's favorites –
a completely subjective list of course – includes the unmistakenly-Orient
reissues of the Retro
Future Camera and King Diver
, and that very sharp-looking "Contemporary"
Orient Star.

So what's next? We're all hoping that 2021 would be a year of returning
to normal. Not that "new normal", thank you very much – just plain
old normal. A year when we can all go to our local AD and shop for watches,
mask-free; when we can go out to dinner, sans the distancing, with our favorite
dress watch on the wrist, or just travel freely with our GMT piece.


One last thing – we'd like to introduce a new Instagram hashtag for the
blog… We'll be following #OrientPlace (yes there's a few unrelated posts
with this tag, but we'll soon outnumber those). So if you wish to draw our
attention to your new watch purchase, review, or just a cool photo, feel free
to use #OrientPlace and we'll take note.

So, till we return in January, we wish you all a happy holiday and a very
happy new year!