Orient Star Retro-Future Bicycle Watch

New Orient Star Models – Upgraded Moonphase, Ladies' Semi-Skeleton

releases today two new Orient Star models, each represented by a number of different
references, and all of which look good! 

Semi-Skeleton for Women

first, and Orient have really produced a beautifully designed semi-skeleton
model for their female clientele.

new model has a cushion-style case with very clean and flowing lines, 30mm
wide, 37mm lug to lug, and 10.2mm thick. With a 14mm lug-width, it really is
very a decidedly feminine design, as opposed to the 36mm Bambino for instance that is truly unisex.

regular references and two limited editions have been introduced. Reference RK-ND0101S
has a champagne dial, golden bezel and hands, and a steel bracelet. Ref. RK-ND0102R
has a deep red dial, and comes on a bracelet. Ref. RK-ND0103N has a rosy-pink
dial and is attached to a leather strap, as is RK-ND0105S with its white dial
and gold tones.

additional limited editions are RK-ND0106L and RK-ND0104L. Both have a dark
blue dial, golden bezel, and come on a bracelet; however while the first is
limited to 400 pieces that are available across various Orient retailers, the
latter also comes with a leather strap, and is limited to 250 pieces to be
found exclusively at Orient's Prestige Shops.

models also have a diamond set on the dial at 12 o'clock and the familiar
open-heart aperture at 3. Front crystal is sapphire, back is mineral, and water
resistance is rated at 5 bar.

is Orient's caliber 55C22 (a smaller movement than the F6/7 calibers that are
intended for the larger models), with accuracy set to +40/-30 seconds per day.
Prices are around 500 USD.

Moon Phase Watch

have also updated its classic Moonphase watch. The new line-up maintains the
case and overall styling of the first generation of the Moonphase models,
albeit with some visual updates, but houses the newer 50-hour movement that is
used in the Contemporary/sporty Moonphase.

the old classic, the case is 41mm wide, 49mm long, and 13.8mm thick. The
general layout of the dial is similar, but its overall look appears cleaner
thanks to the inner ring, which separates the hour markers from the sub-dials,
always having the same color as the dial (whereas it would contrast in most of
the older references). The hour hand is now also very slightly shorter and

while the light-dialed versions are otherwise very similar to the first generation,
the darker ones have been adorned with a very different, rather complex
texture, and given uniquely shaped hour and minute hands with some white color
on them – not sure if this is lume or just regular paint.

references are being introduced: RK-AY0101S has a white dial and steel
bracelet; RK-AY0102S has a white dial but comes on a leather strap. Ref. RK-AY0103L
is dark blue and attached to a bracelet, while RK-AY0104N has a dark-grey dial
and leather strap.

RK-AY0105Y is a limited edition, which will be sold exclusively at Prestige
Shops. It has a deep brown dial, golden bezel, crown and hands, and comes with a
leather strap. All models are priced the same, at just under 1,900 USD – about the
same as the older models.

mentioned, the movement is caliber F7M62, which replaces the old F7X62, and
provides 50 hours of power reserve instead of 40. Accuracy is still a pretty
good stated +15/-5 seconds per day, lug width still 20mm, and water resistance –
still, 5 bar.