Orient Star Retro-Future Bicycle Watch

Orient Star Presenting New References & Fresh Colors

good stuff from Orient Star today, as the brand announces fresh color schemes
in three of its product lines: the 200m diver (recently
reviewed on the blog
), the semi-skeleton sport watch, and the moon phase.

let's look at the 200m diver. Five new references are introduced, a clear
indication of the high expectations Orient has for this model's commercial
success – and with good reason, as our review suggests.

standing out are the two models equipped with a trendy "Pepsi" bezel
(RK-AU0306L with a blue gradient dial, and RK-AU0308N with a grey dial and a bezel
that's actually blue and orange). Limited Prestige Shop model ref. RK-AU0307E
also stands out with its green gradient dial, and as far as we can tell from
the image – a matching deep green bezel.

two other references introduced are RK-AU0309B and RK-AU0310L, featuring black
and navy blue dials, respectively. All new models come with both steel bracelet
and rubber band, and will be priced at roughly 760 USD (83,000 Yen).

is the semi-skeleton model. Three new references are introduced, and they
really look great.

RK-AT0107S features a silver dial, black bezel and steel bracelet, black paint
where lume would usually be, and is priced at around 830 USD. Reference RK-AT0108L
features blue dial and bezel, and a leather strap, costing around 780 USD. These are also available as European models, references RE-AT01017S and RE-AT0108L respectively.

limited Prestige Shop model Ref. RK-AT0109B has black dial and bezel, however featuring
a uniquely colored red power-reserve gauge. It comes with both bracelet and
strap, and costs roughly 920 USD.

but not least, is the mechanical
model ref. RK-AM0011L, limited to 200 units, and featuring blue
dial, golden hands, and both steel bracelet and leather strap. Price is around 1,600

not radically different from other variants, and simply offering another dial /
hands combination, this is still a beautiful watch that offers great value and
combining fine details and a complication rarely seen at this price range.